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Poetic Justice Investigations
Process Server and Investigations

Process Server and Investigations


10% Discount for First Responders, law Enforcement, Veterans and Nurses


Serving all of Gillespie County, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Harper,  Blanco,  Johnson City,  Boerne, New Braunfels, Austin and San Antonio in discreet investigative services.  Specializing in background investigations, locating people, locating assets,  taking sworn statements,  insurance fraud, and matrimonial/partner investigations and surveillance.

Tel:  631.921.5036


About Poetic Justice Investigations and Richard Bresloff, CEO and Founder.

Richard served overseas during the Vietnam War and received his Honorable Discharge in 1973.   Richard also served in the Army National Guard during Desert Shield in the 1990's.  His army assignments were all encompassing and covered a wide range classified duties in the Intelligence Community from securing, supervising and maintaining sensitive Nuclear Facilities to obtaining intelligence for Combat Units and anything else in between.  You can read more about Richard by going to our New York Private Investigations Company.  Richard has been in the civilian private investigator's world since 1991.  Those years include in the field hands on experience in the trenches to owning and supervising private investigations companies in NY,  FL and now the Great State of Texas.  Richard also performed his civil duties as he served as an investigator for a township on Long Island.



  The investigative community is very competitive.  You'll find investigators that come from various backgrounds with various experience.  Some are born investigators.  They come with a built in instinct that has developed into a sixth sense for them.  That instinct combined with training and experience results in an investigator of  unparalled skills and successes.  Other investigators, no matter what they do just can't get it right.  And the type of work makes it so easy to avoid the truth. Its so easy to make excuses in this business ie:  "I lost him at the light", "I just took my eyes off the front door for a second", I had to go to the bathroom", the battery in my camera went dead", I just didn't see the person come out, I swear I was looking at the door".   Anyone who has hired an investigator that was unsucessful getting your results has surely heard some of these excuses.  Things happen.  but the experienced well trained investigator prepares for those things. and the unisnspected.  When you hire an investigator you should get that sixth sense feeling. Can you trust him or her?  Trust is a salient feature in investigators.  In the field the investigators are on there own.  No supervision.  They can do what he or she wants.  Unfortunately some lie.  Those don't usually stay in business for long but some slip thru the cracks.  The bottom line is that If you feel that you can't trust the investigator don't hire him.  It takes more than a license to make an investigator.



Case of the Month

Poetic Justice Investigations finds people, real assets and heirs.  

Poetic Justice Investigations will be working with the Gillespie County and Kerr County Court Systems helping those who are short on funds......remember...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

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